Frequently Asked Questions

What is iridology?

This is a method of diagnosis of Eastern medicine. Iridology is a science determining the health of people through interpretation of certain amendments (signs) in the iris. This small area consists of projection zones of all organs and systems in the human body. Any variation of their normal condition leaves specific pathological changes on the iris. By analyzing them, it can be determined the location of the disease process, hereditary predisposition, results of the treatment, differentiation of benign from malignant changes in the organ.

What is the accuracy of this diagnosis?

The iridology gives a high informativeness—about 70–80%, however it is not a panacea. Beyond its capabilities are the eye diseases, mental diseases, also it do not specify the type of blood diseases and the size of pathological formations.

What are its advantages?

Iris diagnosis is characterized with a high informativeness, it tracks the cause and effect of the disease by comparing the healthy condition of different organs and their relation to the health problem. It is distinguished also with innocuousness, speed and integrity. And last but not least - do not confront with standard methods of the diagnosis, but it complements them and allows accurate diagnosis and a proper treatment..

How the diagnostics is performed?

With an original medical equipment for Iridology – Iridoskop.

What is homeopathy and what diseases are treatable with it?

The method of treatment is based on the principle of similaritythat exists between the toxic effects of the substance and its treatment options. Some substances used in high doses cause pathological symptoms in a healthy person. However, is those substances are used in extremely small amounts, they treat these conditions. Homeopathic medicines have a very good effect, especially in chronic, persistent and hard amenable to conventional treatment diseases such as allergic illnesses - respiratory and skin diseases, bone-joint, gastrointestinal, neuroses and etc.

Should I stop conventional medications when using homeopathic remedies?

Homeopathic medicines can be taken alone or in combination with other medicaments. This does not diminish their effect. Their prolonged intake does not cause side effects, but with its curative, preventive and immune-stimulating activity , homeopathic medicines are suitable for all ages.

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