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The Iris is like the map of the human body. Each organ within the body has extreme nerve endings on it. Chronic diseases of the organ changes the part of the iris on which it is designed. The right iris shows the status of the right-based organs. The left one - relates to the left side of the body. The paired organs (kidneys, lungs) and medial positioned (cerebral tissue, thyroid, and intestine) are diagnosed in both irises.

What is Iridology?

The Iridology is a diagnostic method of eastern medicine, used to determine the health of people through interpretation of certain amendments (signs) in the iris. By analyzing them, it can determine the location of the disease process, inherited predispositions, results of a specific treatment, differentiation of benign from malignant changes in the body. It is highly informative, safe, fast and reliable method. And last but not least – it does not confront with the standard medical research and diagnostics, but complements them and enable accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.

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right iris
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